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This website was launched in 2010 as part of our aim to have all the major  Towns and Cities in the UK online with their own community website.

We want this site to bring together the community with news, weather and local information features as well as access to our community forum. We also want the site to provide an information portal to visitors of Liverpool.

We hope you enjoy the site, we are planning a lot more for the months ahead so stay tuned!

If you wish to send us photographs, please read the following statement:

"There are copyright laws governing the use of photographs not taken by oneself, or whereby you do not own such copyright, and we will do all in our power to avoid breaking any of these laws.

If we have inadvertently used any copyright material then we will immediately remove the material from the website upon notification.
Please note when sending in any scanned images that we can only accept photographs that you or your family have yourself taken, or are of such an age that the owner of copyright has been deceased for over 70 years.

Generally speaking, we understand and believe that scans of old postcards are acceptable, but for publication on this website we will accept none later than the 1960's.
By donating your images, you are deemed to be in full agreement that any of your images that we later offer for publication in whichever form we decide has your full approval and authority.
Under no circumstances should you send in any images that you have downloaded from the internet. Thank you for your patience and your co-operation."

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