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The displays in the new Museum of Liverpool will draw on exhibits related to the city from National Museums Liverpool's entire collections. The Liverpool story will be told through archaeological material, social and urban history objects, oral testimonies, entomology collections, botanic collections, photographic archives, costume and decorative art collections.

The museum content will be structured into four core themes: Port City, Global City, People's City and Creative City, located in four large gallery spaces. Another key area of the museum will be the History Detectives interactive resource centre.


The ground floor of the museum will look at the urban and technological evolution of the city and the impacts of national developments - the Industrial Revolution, the fortunes of the British Empire and the consequential economic impact upon the city's development.

The upper floor of the museum will look in detail at the social history of the city, charting the history of human settlement in the area from Neolithic times to the present day, and analysing migration, the growth of communities and the diversity of cultures, which together give Liverpool its strong and particular identity.

Breaking with traditional display environments, the museum is designed for change and flexibility. A bespoke exhibition system has been designed using the latest in visitor attraction technology, to combine the quality of finish of a national museum with the flexibility of an exhibition centre.

The rate at which change occurs will increase after the initial two years and will differ according to the exhibition type - community exhibitions will have a faster turnaround than major interpretative displays. This will help keep the appeal of the museum fresh for repeat visitors.

The Museum of Liverpool Life closed its doors on 4 June 2006. We are currently building a brand new Museum of Liverpool, which is expected to open in 2011.