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Liverpool has more galleries and national museums than any other city in the United Kingdom apart from London. National Museums Liverpool is the only English national collection based wholly outside London. The Tate Liverpool gallery houses the modern art collection of the Tate in the North of England and was, until the opening of Tate Modern, the largest exhibition space dedicated to modern art in the United Kingdom. The FACT centre hosts touring multimedia exhibitions, whilst the Walker Art Gallery houses an extensive collection of Pre-Raphaelites. Sudley House contains another major collection of pre 20th century art.

Albert Dock, (on the riverside), is one of the more sophisticated places in Liverpool and is situated in the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in the UK. Old warehouses have been converted into shops, apartments, restaurants, pubs, hotels, galleries and museums.



Albert Dock

Albert Dock, visit the stunning Albert Dock which showcases the best of the city in a World Heritage, waterfront setting.

Address: Albert Dock Company Ltd 22 Edward Pavilion Albert Dock Liverpool L3 4AF
Tel: 0151 708 7334


Cavern Club

Cavern Club, The club is where Brian Epstein first saw The Beatles performing on November 9, 1961.

Address: The Cavern Club 10 Mathew Street Liverpool L2 6RE
Tel: 0151 236 9091


What's On in Liverpool

Your guide to What's On in Liverpool

Another Place Figures

Another Place Figures - Another Place is a piece of modern sculpture by Antony Gormley.

International Slavery Museum

At International Slavery Museum you'll find out about the millions of people, both in the past and today, who have been taken into slavery. In particular we focus on those who were part of the transatlantic slave trade between about 1500 and 1865. Liverpool was a major slaving port - about 1.5 million enslaved Africans were carried by its ships - so it is fitting that the International Slavery Museum is in Liverpool. Entry is free.

Address: International Slavery Museum Albert Dock Liverpool L3 4AQ
Tel: 0151 478 4499

Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park - Situated on the famous estate of Lord Derby, the vast reserve is home to many different animals including elephants, giraffes, lions, bongos, tigers and baboons.

Address: Knowsley Safari Park Prescot Merseyside L34 4AN
Tel: 0151 430 9009

Lady Lever Art Gallery

The Lady Lever Art Gallery is a real treasure. As well as a stunning collection of paintings they also have beautiful furniture, Chinese collections, tapestries, sculpture, Wedgwood, classical antiquities and a beautiful building. And it is all FREE!

Address: Lady Lever Art Gallery Port Sunlight Village Wirral CH62 5EQ
Tel: 0151 478 4136

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral - The cathedral is a centre of worship and celebration, exploring the mystery and glory of God and responding to His love. It is a centre of Learning, obeying Christ's commission to make known the Gospel through preaching, worship, education programmes and special events. It is a centre of hospitality, welcoming all of our visitors from all corners of the globe, and affirming our common humanity.

Address: Liverpool Cathedral St James’ Mount Liverpool L1 7AZ
Tel: 0151 709 6271

Liverpool World Heritage Site

Liverpool World Heritage Site - In 2004, Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Address: John Hinchliffe World Heritage Officer Liverpool City Council Municipal Buildings Dale Street Liverpool L2 2DH
Tel: 0151 233 2008

Merseyside Maritime Museum

At Merseyside Maritime Museum you'll find out about the companies, people and ships connected to this great port. You can see boats, paintings, ship models, objects from wrecks, ships, uniforms and much more. And it is all FREE!

Address: Merseyside Maritime Museum Albert Dock Liverpool L3 4AQ
Tel: 0151 478 4499

Mr Hardman's Photographic Studio

Mr Hardman's Photographic Studio
Step back in time to 1950 in this fascinating house ¿ view the studio, darkroom and living quarters of the renowned portrait photographer E. Chambré Hardman and his wife Margaret. The memorabilia of post-war daily life is displayed alongside portraits of Liverpool people and landscape photographs of the surrounding countryside.

Address: 59 Rodney Street Liverpool Merseyside L1 9EX
Tel: 0151 709 6261

Museum of Liverpool

The displays in the new Museum of Liverpool will draw on exhibits related to the city from National Museums Liverpool's entire collections.

National Conservation Museum

The National Conservation Centre isn't like other museums. Here we focus on the hidden stories behind the objects in our museums. We show you how science and investigation are used to discover all sorts of things about an object and its history. And it is all FREE!

Address: National Conservation Centre Whitechapel Liverpool L1 6HZ
Tel: 0151 478 4999

National Wildflower Centre

National Wildflower Centre, The centre exists to promote the creation of new wildflower habitats for people to enjoy and where wildlife can flourish and develop. It is a tranquil, family-friendly venue to visit

Address: Court Hey Park Roby Road Liverpool. L16 3NA
Tel: 0151 738 1913

Speke Hall

Speke Hall - A rare Tudor manor house, in a most unusual setting, surrounded by fragrant gardens protected by a collar of woodland. Constructed by a devout Catholic family, keen to impress visitors with their home's grandeur, in particular the Great Hall, this beautiful building has witnessed more than 400 years of turbulent history. Priests fleeing persecution in the 16th century were offered sanctuary, hiding in the secret priest's hole. Fascinating insights into the lives and work of the Victorian servants are revealed in the kitchen and dairy, while Tudor servants slept in the roof space. A perfect oasis from modern life.

Address: Speke Hall Garden and Estate The Walk Liverpool L24 1XD
Tel: 0844 800 4799

Sudley House

Sudley House has been described as a hidden gem. Tucked away in the leafy suburbs with its wonderful artworks it's easy to see why. Sudley is the only house of a Victorian merchant that still has its original pictures, and with the period furniture and rich atmosphere you could almost imagine it's still someone's home. And it is all FREE!

Address: Sudley House Mossley Hill Road Aigburth Liverpool L18 8BX
Tel: 0151 724 3245

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool presents displays of work from the Tate collection alongside special exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The special exhibition programme, presented on the Gallery's fourth floor, brings together works from national and international collections, both public and private.

Address: Albert Dock Liverpool L3 4BB
Tel: 0151 702 7400

Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery is an excellent day out. As well as a stunning collection of paintings from the 13th century to the present, we also have a sculpture gallery, a craft and design gallery, and a space specially designed for children. And it is all FREE!

Address: Walker Art Gallery William Brown Street Liverpool L3 8EL
Tel: 0151 478 4199

Western Approaches Museum

Western Approaches Museum - Today, the historical war time bunker has been restored and opened to the public as a memorial to those who died to achieve it. It is the original building where the original battle was fought and won. It has been reconstructed exactly how it used to be.

Address: 1-3 Rumford Street (Near Town Hall) Liverpool L2 3SZ
Tel: 0151 227 2008

World Museum Liverpool

World Museum Liverpool is a fantastic family day out. As well as fascinating objects from around the world, we also have an aquarium, a bug house, a theatre and a planetarium. And it is all FREE!

Address: World Museum Liverpool William Brown Street Liverpool L3 8EN
Tel: 0151 478 4393